Founded in 1989, family-owned Manko Window Systems has grown from 5,000 square feet to over 250,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing space. Manko has expanded beyond its primary corporate office and plant in Manhattan, Kansas, with additional manufacturing locations in Denver, Colorado, and Des Moines, Iowa. Manko currently produces a full line of insulated glass, commercial windows, curtain wall, storefront, entrances, and other complementary glass and aluminum products.  


Aluminum Products: Windows, Curtain wall, Storefront and Doors                   Storefront & Curtain Wall      

Isobar Window Series                                                                                        2450xpt: 2" x 4 1/2" Dual-Thermal SF   200xpt: 2" Thermal CW   135i/150i: MS/WS Isobar SF Door     

Digital In-Glass Printing                                                                                      2600xpt: 2" x 6" Dual-Thermal SF   250xpt: 2 1/2" Thermal CW   135xpt/150xpt: Heavy Wall Thermal Door       

Fire-Rated Glass                                                                                                Windows     

Fire-Rated Systems                                                                                           3100i: 3 1/4" Historic (Fxd-Prj-Csmt)   3450i: 4 1/2" Historic Replica (Fxd)   2727i: 2 3/4" (Fxd-Prj-Csmt)        

Self-Tinting Glass                                                                                               3527i: 3 1/2" (Fxd-Prj-Csmt)   4527i: 4 1/2" (Fxd-Prj-Csmt)   3232xpt: 3 1/4" (Fxd-Prj-Csmt)           

Low-E Glass Cross Reference Chart                                                                 4032xpt: 4" (Fxd-Prj-Csmt)   5032xpt: 1/2" (Fxd-Prj-Csmt)   3135xpt: 3 1/2" Single Hung   3141xpt:4 1/16" Single Hung         

                                                                                                                  2135xpt: 3 1/2" Sliding Window    2141xpt: 4 1/16" Sliding Window   6041i: 4 1/16" Sliding Window       


MANKO adds 4th FC series tempering furnace and state of the art ProL flat glass lamination line. Glaston Corporation Press Release, October 2017 

MANKO was featured in Window Door Magazine May 2014 Issue: MANKO Adds Two Automated Super Spacer TriSeal Line             

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“Quality, service and a dedication to operational excellence have all contributed to making Manko the foremost commercial window supplier serving the Midwestern region.” (Quanex Building Products, 2011)